First step one.

We will start by considering your space, let say living room…first you measure and ask yourself what will fit and selective wall as you select what space and what is needed. You start by a process and search for the right size and use for your theater room. You will also need to buy a list of products like a stereo that fits your sound. For example I have a Onkiyo system, then thier are speakers to select like pioneer speakers, Bose sound spearkers and so on. The possibility could be “pre build surround sound systems” systems that are already, plug and play. Thier are stores like Bose that have great systems, you need to go and listen to them, it is vital to go and listen to systems Bose,Klipsch, Pioneer and so on if their is one..

First start by planing a sound day and take your partner if you have one so you can get away before you go shoping. Then go to selected stores to experience some sound. Look for large city furniture stores, or stores like Sears, then you can listen and see examples. The store will have some sample movies and sound to see and hear as you learn more then buy through vendoamazon, just follow the links and pages as I present the products in the next pages.

…or something like this:

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